Shipping & Return Policy

1.     Products once sold and used will not be returned under any circumstances.

2.     Products once sold will not be exchanged if the body/paint, physical structure is damage during logistics, transport or by any other means.

3.     Delivery is limited to a few areas of Lahore. Online delivery shall not apply to delivery outside the city of Lahore.

4.     The seller bears no responsibility for damage to the body, paint or any component of the pump during delivery.

5.     Vacuum pumps can be delivered on Bykea or Careem at the responsibility of the Customer.

6.     Online Payments are subject to taxes levied by Banking services providers. The online payment charges shall be in addition to the prices displayed on the website.

7.     Once you have paid online, please send us proof of payment and confirm on a phone call please.

8.     3 Phase Motors are not covered in warranty.

9.     Single Phase motors and water pumps are covered in a 3 month warranty period. If a defect in product arises, the defected item will be replaced free of cost in the warranty period.

10.  Charges shall apply for replacements/exchange after the warranty period.

11.  If the product is damaged due to the negligence of the customer the company or Bismillah Machinery will bear no responsibility and the warranty period will stand cancelled.  

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