Bismillah Machinery Store Lahore is the authorised dealer of Shahzad Pumps Faisalabad. We have the unique privilege of being the introducers of Shahzad Pumps in Lahore. You may contact us for complete details on all Shahzad Pumps products. All variety of water pumps is available at Bismillah Machinery Store including original Golden Pumps which are acquired from licensed Golden Pumps dealers for valuable customers of Bismillah Machinery Store Brandreth Road Lahore.  

Bismillah Machinery Store - Brandreth Road, Lahore
Authorised Dealers: Shahzad Pumps, BMB Pumps, Millat Water Pumps

Address: Crown Hotel Building, Brandreth/Nishter Road, Lahore.
Contact: 042-37652079

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